Lewis C. Spence

Beloved Unknown Inventor

Time is short, therefore I must break Your heart for the one that will take it away.[Posted exactly 1 year before dad died]


The power to reach You, Finding True Treasure


Dog Days of Summer posted before dadís death

Dog Days of Summer

For dnatreeís Father who just passed away


A letter to YOU PJ posting as FirstApple to fall from the tree

Whale breaching pictures sent to Raine Years ago as

The sign of the whale would be our reuniting

Ocean edge whale life death Posted over the years

My Families Christmas Miracle father almost died earlier

The Crying Land/ Storms hitting families

Don't be afraid to break hearts, least of all Your own


Recently found more posts related to Lewis


Christmas Walk with the Mother lode Scotts




YOU are my inheritance jun 14 2008 to today

The ultinate Gift/ inheritance story I wrote sept 5,2007

my family is just finding out that this was originally posted sept 5, 2007 that will be tomorrow. The synchronicity of that timing