Brick Synchronicity

The Mud Machine

This recurring synch with brick making was sparked again by memories as a child in West Virginia playing as the INVENTOR creating the MUD MACHINE. My cousin and I used to build a mud structure under the porch that we would then find again years later when we reunited.


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Pam and I and brick making

Pam was wanting me to dream in the direction of building a Hay House and we began to play/dream about brick making. We finally came upon the idea of Rammed Earth and 10 cement mixture with soil

Now the idea I have dreamed for years is creating a system that you leave alone and it replicates round house structures.

Sort of like the Earthbag House idea but more like a mud pump system that grows the house..

Now I say all this because as we walked in Woodland the other day many of the forms and structures showed up that we had been dreaming of such as Adobe and checkered floor designs.

We then proceeded to watch the Freemason program on PBS

Secrets of Masons   Tuesday, July 10, 10:00pm

[D] (KVIE HD - Comcast 906/Charter 786/DT 6.1)  View more broadcast times

Conclusion. An examination of the Freemasonry movement and its link to the founding of America.

Many other synchs will be added to this page as I have time.



Other synchs at the same time were Dead cat Alley which we had seen on California Gold which coincidently

Woodland (Yolo County): These lodges meet at the IOOF Hall, 770 Dead Cat Alley, Woodland CA 95695-3441.

Lodge synch and dead cat alley in Woodland

Eiffel tower synchs related to bricks and gravity



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Sept 3, 2007

dnatree wrote: july 13, 2007


Check out my obsession with bricks lately

We have had another brick synch yesterday. Pam and I went to Pt. Richmond and had synchs with "Hidden city", "hidden Vally" and many other hidden or peeking synchs related to how Spirit will uncover what is really going on behind the American Publics eyes.

Quote gospel of Thomas


Jesus says: ["Know what is be]fore your face, and [what is hidden] from you will be revealed [to you. For there] is [nothing] hidden which [will] not be revealed, nor <anything> buried which [will not be raised up!"]

Bible speaking of individuals as the stones which make up the church (world) building and that the Spirit as manifested through Jesus was the Cornerstone. I know Christians want me to say Jesus was the Cornerstone but the Spirit indicates that would be a man instead of the truth. For they (religion and society) desire a king which will only lead astray.


“You yourselves also as living stones are being built up a spiritual house
Back to the brick synch we stumbled upon a beautiful night view of San Francisco after going through the Point Richmond Tunnel

Point Richmond is called the Hidden City because it is hard to find on the point on the east bay from San Francisco

We walked after dinner to the brick company building and the view of San Francisco from the beach next to it was amasing. It looks different now than the pic,, much older and fenced in and we dreamed of adding round towers and building our castle overlooking San Francisco.

I have had a mud/ brick making / self replicating structure synch going my whole life.
Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes entirely everything and renders all interpretations meaningless.