The Last Mimsy and Peaceful Warrior



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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:06 am    Post subject: The Last Mimsy and Peaceful Warrior

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When I enter a video store I like recognise it when I see it right away if you know what I mean. I like snap snap pick them up and I am out the door.

A wonderful and magical synch by watching "The last Mimsy" and the Peaceful warror one after the other.

Many comonalities which are highlighted by watching both of them. This movie would really help to understand my experience with wonder. (Especially the part where he had to sit on the car (Rock in the book) and come up with something from withint that he did not get from others.
Dnatree poem:


Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of YOUR heart

And with The last Mimsy"

I had so many synchs with my writing about the senses of spiders related to feeling your world. And "self replicating structures" Vibrational sensing etc. It was wonderful and the synchs between these two movies were great.

One particular thing that I believe is very much
misunderstood is that of not learning but through
experience. Instaad of saying, I understand Steven or someone else
or believe we know something in the Spirit world until the very same thing is taught by Spirit the "brush has not possibly touched the needed place in the heart" so there is no hiding behind the experience or writing of another as religion has misunderstood except your word be the power of true experience with Spirit. That is where we are headed. Insttead of having any idea where he is headed he learns to trust the Spirit and recognise the true intent of his heart. It is not the hearers of synchroncity that will grow to be anythng but those that experience what the Spirit leads them to overcome.

Love is like a tree that you plant and each day the attention of the sun gives it life and it grows until fruit. So each day I give my moments to the sun (The One) that YOU might give Your love to my tree. As all who follow the path that seems right to a man in the end finds out that all that intent would have been greatest spent on the one. For YOU, my life are able. To learn these things yet not have experience to teach you them (my moments with YOU, my life I treasure) is only to cover up but in the end to die naked. How great of a fool would you be, thus willing to be misunderstood to give this intent to where it will profit. To where Your tree may fruit. What is the true intent of any tree but to fruit and this is not done through effort but through intent and love.


All day long I ponder Your poetry (the experiences I had with Spirit) YOU who made the mountains and the trees, YOU who made my life and my dreams.