Ohio/ West Virginia pics

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Waffle house in Dayton after getting off plane

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On the way to East Liverpool

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On the way to East Liverpool

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Braden (Pam’s son meets his uncle Mike)

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Brother and Sister

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Kathy (Pam’s Sister)

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Our Rental Car had only 41 miles on it when we picked it up

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Pam and I at Mike’s place

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We all went out for dinner

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Beaver Creek State park


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Rock Skippin at Beaver Creek


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Bus Station at Pittsburgh (Braden was going to Rock Mount NC) Also related to October Sky Movie (greyhound)

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Pam the Pic Pocket

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I fixed the charger for his tank (and his tv that was hit by lightning and his dryer and computer)

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Christi and Ronnie Mike’s daughter and her husband

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Mike’s son

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Pam Picking Rasberries

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Mike’s grandson and I were looking for bugs.


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We went to the fireworks Store (Also related to the synchs with October Sky “Rockets”)

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Air strike, many of the names were related to synchs with whirlwinds etc.

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Trunk full of fireworks

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Mad Scientists loading homemade cannons

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First pic in West Virginia (Logan County)

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Eugene’s house (Grandmother’s old house)

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Wooden bridge to Grandmother’s

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Inside the house

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Outside near where the well was (related to childhood memories)

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Up the hill behind the house

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Creek in front of the house

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Right across the street from grandmother’s house. These pics are relevant to the Spence family kids as they remember the visits 30 years ago.

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Grandfather’s grave (John Lewis Spence)

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Tree that mother wanted a pic of near grandfather’s grave

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Jeremiah Jefferson Spence and wife Victoria

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Gravestone shows Victoria was buried in 1955

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Graveyard pic

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pic of graveyard from the road (Coon Branch Rd.)

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Pam made it up the mountain part way before having me go back to get the rental car.

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Parked next to the old Spence homestead

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The foundation is now under water (pond)

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Entrance to the property

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Overgrown (Spence Hollow)

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Atv’s often use this area, this is right at the entrance to the homestead

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We exited out the other end at Marianna WV.

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Sign Turkey Creek

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We looked all over for the old Pic Pac Store that I worked in at 15 yrs old ( I stocked the Vlassic Pickle Isle.) Found it was bought out by Means Lumber. Mullens Wv.

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The entrance to Means Lumber

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Mountain Mist was a favorite part of WV. Pineville WV

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Hatfield/ McCoy Trailhead and Castle Rock sign. Road to Mullens where the Pic Pac Store was

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Rev Cook’s Statue in Pineville (We are related to Cook’s, Browning’s, Stewart’s and Spence’s as well as Adams)

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Met a couple of the Locals (Martin)

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Sign about Wyoming county (Rocks were geothermal heated and melted the snow in the winter there)

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Posey in his 1963 Corvette (later when we met with cousin Jerry B. he recognized the pics of the folks I met in Pineville.

Made on 7/1/2007