The walk on the Levi


The discussion of Life as a Dream


The story of the wink and the cat


The story of the Christmas tree as dna and the gifts are on the tree


We spoke of the treasured moment and the object that we put the memory in and put it on the table to ponder the poetry of the synchronicity.


We spoke about “just relaxing and expecting the spirit through the heart to draw better than expected outcomes because we have found that that is how it works when I keep my heart open to YOU, my life.”


The Polar Express Movie


Now for the notes from the Polar Express (Here I will not tell the story but I will tell you the pieces related to this forum and our experience so that you might watch the show and experience this with us.)


The Train Ride (You and I have been living this ride)


Quotes from the Movie:


The Spirit of Christmas (I believe,,,,, Do You?)


Yes, now I recognize St. Nick and the magic


And I wrote: The train ride You and I wait in THIS MOMENT for.


Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!


You see the Gifts are really ON the Tree and when you get in the spirit and agree you will then get to ride the Magic Train.


Suit Yourself, where one boy was afraid to get on the train. (It happens when you make the choice to ride.) The Round Trip which is life in the spirit.


HOT CHOCOLATE as the beverage on this train ride. (synchronicity with MisterLady and the chocolate)


Seeing is Believing


OH!!!! You don’t believe? You don’t want to be fooled, hoodwinked, tricked, so you are afraid to believe?) I was just looking for a girl, aren’t we all?



Quote Dnatree:

She is my life, it was YOU, my life loving me all along.


Misconceptions and the North Pole


The Elk/ Caribou on the tracks


Getting themselves in a pickle ( Words I wrote to Conundrum)


The name Mike


Punched holes in tickets and the punched holes in the British show on PBS yesterday

(In the show on pbs the fellow said “He can keep all the holes from my hole punch”)


Quote from Movie:


I know what you are, you are a doubter


Sometimes the MOST REAL things in the world are the ones you cannot see.

(about what keeps them from falling off the train)


All the dreams of the children once lost will now be found


The writing about the dreams of my children and

Like a father forever separated from his children I have longed to reach you

And like the dream of Ummangel


Quote Ummangel:


Many years ago, I was shown a beautiful temple with a circular room
in the center. There were 12 chairs/stools in a circle and 5 people were seated there.My husband and youngest son were among them. I was told that within my lifetime I would connect with many people's spirits, but the 7 others who would fill those chairs would have a profound affect on me.
I would not meet them all face to face but I would know them by their
spiritual energy. Thanks to this forum I have filled those seats.


All our dreams are connected to each other as my children’s dreams they think are lost will be resurrected.


Quote from Movie:


Where he will give the first gift at Christmas. He will choose from among YOU.


My input here:


You see each Christmas for many years I have dreamed about the spirit giving the gifts to my children and to You. You see tales that stay around for a while are really written by the same muse/ spirit. Like the bible and the story of St. Nickolaus and the Greek Gods.

Quote from movie:


How about a nice hot cup of Joe


Like coffee and the cup, you and I were meant to be together (agree)




Another quote from movie:


Are you sure??????  Absolutely!!!!!!!!!


And my favorite part of the movie when they snuck in to see the elves and overheard them talking about Steven:


Yes he was naughty we will have to put him on the check twice list


To which I said to Pam and Kathy:


Yes, but he believes and therefore it is counted unto him as righteousness


Quote from Movie about the train: (about synchronicity)




So anyway I told Pam and Kathy to note how much Birdy Bird was enjoying the fireplace sitting on my shoulder and just then they began to sing in the movie:



as we dream by the fire
To face unafraid
the plans that we've made
walking in a winter wonderland


Pam and I discussed the winter wonderland synchronicity in Reno I had about a year ago when it was snowing there and the lights were everywhere.


We were discussing how the spirit comes “in a wink of an eye” related to what Jesus said about how it happens and about Santa and the wink. Here is a link to the wink,,lol


From my book: (Wild hearted Romance with Spirit)


Meet in the Moment


I was there in the moment; I was walking down the street

I was turning round the corner when who did I meet

It’s a girl/spirit named Moment; she was looking mighty and fine

I asked her if she had a moment, I asked her if she could spare some time

Then I saw that she was layered, I knew that she was deep

She said she knew that I was coming and that any moment we would meet

I noticed a spark, like a twinkle in her eye

Began to wonder about Jesus, and Santa and how life comes in a moment

In a twinkle of an eye

Quote from Movie:


I believe       and    Patience and Humility is needed


The bell, the spirit of Christmas and the form that helps you remember it


About forms on the table


It’s not the form or the treasure it is the thought about it (the memory) that counts.


Quote from Movie:

The bell still rings for me


Song at end of movie


You have everything you need if you just believe


Quote from my book:


Lewis Spence,, writer,, and I (dream) riding on a Victorian monorail train that mysteriously appeared in a shopping center parking lot Left brain overload,, right brain experience Image and feeling to create rapture,,(quick ascension to glory) No doubts, no fears, just like when your here look god(heart) no hands FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poem by spirit through Dnatree about the train ride!


Of trains, trees, tunnels and candles
Yesterday we lost ourselves on a train bound for experience. We dream them up you and I, those long trains of adventure. Where the synchronicities flow one after another like a caravan from another world. A world you and I created before we dreamed up time. Time makes more elusive this moonlight fantasy journey. Things, when what we really want is this moment. The best things, in the best moments.


Copy these notes and rent the movie and see how many synchs with what has been going on between YOU and I and the spirit lately on this forum.