The Jesus / Judas connection

Hurt by love


True Love is knowing You, my life


All others will deny me.

Coming to know YOU, put my love for them in proper perspective.


What the Spirit which is your life has to say to you.


Been denied, misunderstood, rejected??


The path to True love works that way that You and I would break each others heart.


For where else would I turn when the whole world denied me but YOU.


Blessed is She that nailed me to this tree.


You will never find true love in relationship/ for it is only within.



Getting to know an ancient Tree



The trip to the Bristle Cone pines


Red Rock Canyon


Hugging the Joshua Tree, Give me your heart Joshua, then I got pierced to the heart. Hurt by love. So that I could only turn to YOU, my life. None other knew my heart.


I am hidden in thee, I am hidden in a tree.


Tree as home for critters.


And the birds of the air will light in it’s branches.


When Pam and I visited Red Rock we noticed many crevices in the rocks that were homes for different critters. (He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock)

I began to see dna like the life of the one that I had searched for my whole life as being hidden within the dna of a tree, and in my dna. A pearl hidden in a field. And every one that seeks, finds, and every one that knocks the door is open to them. However most do not have because they do not believe to ask in that direction. Cut to the heart that you might know me.


I saw the Ark, both of  Noah and the “Ark of the Covenant” as DNA, within which the whole evolution of the heart through all forms of animals/beasts, which are the love story of YOU and I, for written within the poetry of all forms is the Love Story of all time. Hidden within is all that is, you do not need to go to the top of the mountain for what is at the top is within. Neither do you have to experience the depths for I have been there and I exist within You.


Darwin and the Process


Creation is a misinterpretation as well as evolution. To understand the truth is to look at both of these through eyes of love. Love integrates/ dogma separates.


Cartoon Channel on the Anima Spirit

Pam and I were at the motel in RidgeCrest watching this cartoon about how a boy was rejected by humans and found that his heart sought “the Anima Spirit” because the animals knew things through attention to this spirit that the humans didn’t and the humans were less than the animals in their treatment of each other. Instinct.


The experience in the Ravine that nearly shifted the cork in my bladder which started me thinking about body reaction and emotion.


That is why humans will abandon hate, because of the truth. For hate is very much like love as a passion and everything that you hold close will follow you into the new life/ next day.


Like Jesus the Misunderstood (or denied) by religion and society have always been judged by the misinterpretation that was derived without spirit, and the judges never knew the true intention of the heart of the one they judge. They believe the intentions are according to the misinterpretation they judge by, therefore they judge only themselves. They judge the world and their neighbor according to a view not given by Spirit (as those HIDING behind religion truly are the fearful and unbelieving. Their misinterpretation was derived over generations of those not knowing spirit but taking the words and using them to persuade. Because of this veil, man cannot rightly see the true intentions of their own heart, let alone the true intentions of the heart of another. Yet they demand all worship their interpretation.


The YOU that everyone seeks.


The YOU, we all seek is hidden like a pearl in a field (your dna, and experienced in the poetry of your moments, through belief) And just like you might come to know another, you are to find this treasure.


Forms in DNA,, water (conciseness flow carves the path) Starting fresh each day, layers the cameo.


Met Micheal and at the buttermilks was forced/ moved to climb through the ravine that was created through water flow.