We just got back from Yosemite (Sorry about Tarrying on the Mountain) and all over and I have many pictures to add to this tomorrow, but for now I will just post this. Now these synchs belong in many posts from “new home, to Savannah, to Magnolia and many more but I cannot post them until tomorrow as it is very late.



As we walked at sunset I asked Pam about the Kale that she made tonight. And she said that she cut the stems to prepare them for us because they were too “bitter”.


As we walked we saw the fifth wheel that we really loved the elegance of. And then we saw the name and I remembered the name synch about  Savannah. It was a Savannah by Avion. I told Pam about Savannah and MiM.



The fires and that part of Georgia came to mind. Just earlier I tried to put an image to the home that Pam and I were dreaming and it seemed to be a fifth wheel although it is evolving. Just around the corner I found a Designer  (Medallion)

And as we looked at the Tree and the Moon rising through the branches we noticed the Tree in the yard with the moon rising in the branches.


After working in Newark then Modesto and Merced, We decided to take a nature break and went to Mariposa where we got a room at the Miner’s Inn. I had gotten a combination Orange Shirt and was walking when I found this Orange Butterfly by the side of the road and then I remembered that Mariposa means butterfly. Later I got a pic of myself by the orange butterfly similar to the one I found while walking, but it did not turn out well cause the flash was on.



I will tell You things Your fathers have told you from of old. Psalms.


The healing synchronicity of a single thought felt like. True power is a very gentle thing. I thought about the symbol of a butterfly related to synchronicity and how the simple coincidence can lead to a perfect healing. While in the room Pam and I were drawn to the movie series. Robin Hood and felt a desire to watch it. (Popeye and Olive Oil were on first and felt related to Robin and Maid Marian.)The greatest synch was with the Arrow, for later on the way home we found an Arrow and it felt related to “Hit the Mark”


Hit the Mark Which my experience has many synchs with is related to Your Heart. This is not a talent on my part but the expression of the perfect intent of the Spirit. For as Robin used this gift to give back to the poor so the Spirit not so interested in Gold and Silver as Hitting the Mark in Your heart. (See “hit the mark” Prophecies.us Another aspect of Robin Hood was that he went about gathering the “Merry Men” and inviting them to join in his passion. This felt related to another that said he would “come as a thief in the night.” Can You not feel the coming of the Merry Men?  Synch with this line in the movie. “You will hand me your purse and if it weighs more than a an honest gain then I will take a part and give the rest back to You. Maid Marion is the Hearts and minds of America. Oh, I lived in Sherwood Park in Huntsville Alabama.

Defenders of the Realm.  Synchs here with (The Severed Ear Gallery in Mariposa, for the Gallery was all about Given to Remember.)


Then a synch with very long Dog Ears that dragged the ground and the curls picked up leaves. Them ears hear more than sounds. And then the synch with He that has an ear, let him hear.)Loves the Spirit.




We left for Yosemite and were directed on a detour around where the Landslide had occurred that Pam and I had documented before.


The Rock synch occurred as I pointed to a group of rocks that were in a orderly formation and the radio began to speak of rock as I pointed.


We went to the big waterfall and I wrote these thoughts as we went down the trail to the water fall.

The Veil of words, The waterfall. Eclipsing every voice. A veil being lifted up. I then spoke to Pam saying “ A torrent of voices” and a woman began to laugh loudly.


I saw how a man spoke aloud feeling for a thought and his wife well meaning began to put possibilities of what it may be he was feeling in his thoughts for and in doing so the words put him further and further from the form that was trying to form in his moment. Then we recalled “The Hat, The Sale, The Fit and the matching Spirit. Like the Hand and the Glove we were meant to be together.” How to Let go of the voices in your heart that do not hit the mark.



Then the real cool synch leaving  Yosemite in Coulterville at the MAGNOLIA Saloon and Inn where we were so tired that we decided to stay and enjoy the Rest of the Spirit. We told the Lady at the Inn about the Magnolia  Synchs relating to Healing.