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For four weeks I have had a synch with Palm Trees related to the word "tycoon" because of the beautiful palms that are in the yards of large homeowners. And yesterday I found a small palm tree that you stick on a felt board. I had forgotten all about Palm Sunday until this thread.


Now I remember I dreamed it in the farmhouse in Milton Florida in 1993 and it is coming to me now as I dreamed it.


We were in Woodland California after our trip to Gold Hill Nevada and I was out walking talking to my life. I noticed a young man whose name was Jeremy standing by the Denny’s next to the Motel 6 where we were staying. We began to speak and then I found out why I was drawn to this fellow. It was not the fact that he needed money to get back to his home in the next town north, (so I gave him ten dollars) but it was that he needed help believing his dream. I told him about how I dream for a living and the poem:


Your moments in wonder will reveal the true intentions of the heart

I am a house of wonder; I am a house of dreams

I wondered if I could make a living wondering and my life became wonderful

All day long I ponder your poetry, YOU who made the mountains and the trees,

 YOU who made my life and my dreams

YOU are my life,

YOU are the wife

YOU came out from me in the beginning

We were one in the beginning

YOU are my dream, and I am the dreamer



As I described my experience of dreaming for a living and creating business he said “You know that You are,,, You are a TYCOON.”

I said “that is my synchronicity right now.” And I went on to tell him about the synch of Palm Trees and Tycoon.

Now the actual Tycoon is the father(s) that are within for in my life I stumble yet you make all the steps perfect. Not as the world teaches but according to you’re loving-kindness and in doing so you put to shame all those that believe according to Religion and society. For you are not religions or society but YOU are my heart and I cannot help but love YOU.