My trip with Ginger was fantastic although I went alone this time. I needed to spend some time alone in order to deal with so much that has been happening inside me lately. I spent some time alone in the desert after buying a two dollar robe at a yard sale in Jackson on the way over the mountain on hwy 88 I went walking around the desert near my VW bus with my robe on in the dark having some very wonderful experiences. Some about my dad, some about Pam and some about my kids and even some about Y’all. The first pic I would like to show You is of Ginger up near Donner Pass over looking Donner Lake.



Today has been very eventful as I took Pam to breakfast after her Tai Chi, I rode my bike about 30 miles for much needed exercise, and then came home to take Pam out again to some Tai Coconut milk soup and a movie. While having dinner we sat at table five and ordered appetizer number five. Pam said that five seems to be the number tonight. We then went and decided to watch The Time Travelers Wife. I of course had many synchs with this movie especially the one where he left (died) when his daughter was five and they had the big five thing in the movie. Now many of You know that it was when Raine was five that she went to live with her siblings in North Alabama and I came out here to California. It was like a death but it could not go on the way it was. Of course the Spirit had indicated that I would return into her life as the sign of the whale as I have indicated over the years to those that keep up with such here.

OK, now let me take You to the moments alone walking in the desert with my new two dollar robe on. Here is a pic of the campsite I was at in Washoe Lake State Park.



Washoe State Park campground site number 32.


Pay particular attention to the type of trees You see in this picture as at night they took an a very special significance especially related to my father. I walked around the campground in the dark and only a distant occasional headlamp from a car would bring light to the darkness of the desert. Some of You will remember the synch I had before my father died that I told him about the breeze. One particular tree when I walked around the campground would light up by a distant headlight and the breeze would blow through the leaves as I passed by. The experience I was having that night was “I am the breeze through Your leaves”. The experience alone thinking of Dad made me realize that we become part of YOU/Spirit at death and having my father dye made death a more welcoming place. I suppose this is natural for folks in the Spirit as they get older and LOOSE LOVED ONES. I just want to place this quote here.


"To be absent from the body is to be present with Christ."


Now as I have learned from YOU that to open to Spirit is to open to all who have passed, as we are all one. And that all those things that are incorruptible about our experience are there with them and accessible.




Here is a pic of the mountains behind Washoe Lake.

This is a quote about this park. “The evening breeze down the canyon brings the smell of sage.”

Here is the Washoe lake State park web site.


When I went to breakfast at the nugget in Carson City Nevada the next morning I sat next to an Indian looking fellow. He said he was from the Washoe tribe. Washoe by the way just means “the people”. The area was also called Washoe and a town there is now called Washoe. By the way they have a Town called Washoe there with a Chocolate Nugget factory and I am eating chocolate and drinking Cabernet Wine. This might have been a better selection than break and wine for Jesus except for the fact that Chocolate probably did not exist.


Two more thing that I feel is significant was the very fresh place I found today while biking that I later wished to share with Pam. I PASSED OVER a bridge to a campus with cobblestones and then into a very wonderful neighborhood with lovely shade trees for biking. Just the kind of place Pam and I had dreamed of a home at one time. Also the synch with Lewis Spence and this quote respective to the time traveler.




Quote from my ebook posted a early a 1997

Lewis Spence,, writer,, and I (dream) riding on a Victorian monorail train that mysteriously appeared in a shopping center parking lot Left brain overload,, right brain experience Image and feeling to create rapture,,(quick ascension to glory) No doubts, no fears, just like when your here look god(heart) no hands FEEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!