Just Before the Hurricane Isabel formed in the Atlantic I was moved by the spirit through synchronicity to send this to my family and post it on the internet


The Whirlwind


Hurricane Updates Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne and the Tsunami


Originally Published in Oct 2003





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The intent of my heart was to reach you in spirit the way the spirit chose to do this is by the hurricanes and fire.


Map below: Family Locations at the time of the storms, book details experiences and writings during storms Erin and Opal in 1995 and my dreams of reaching YOU. I intended to reach YOU and you chose what was to be your experience in the hurricanes.


While Hurricane Jeanne was going on I found myself in Mariposa California at a store called Synchronicity where I found a tape with this song on it which is exactly what I needed to communicate to my family



Hurricane      by D’elle


Watching  clouds go by see the red-tail fly

Water kissin the shore

Life is fine, it’s true nothin’ much to do

You’re not lookin’ for more


Then from the south comes a wind so strong

Stirs the water so deep

Passion calls and the waters part

You know you’ve been asleep

Out of the blue comes a hurricane

Blowin’ away with your heart….


When the storm begins never mind who wins

It doesn’t matter somehow

Let go of yesterday and all your future ways

All you got is now


Then the moment comes you hear the distant drums

Pounding deep in your soul

You wake up to find a fire in your mind

Burnin’ out of control



During the Hurricanes of 1995 I was alone and having great synchronicities about the coming storm. The roof to my daughter Raines room was peeled back by the hurricane and her room which had fern Gully and Rain posters was drenched.



Excerpts from the Book (Fruit of DnaTree)(posted during hurricane Jeanne)

Wild hearted Romance with spirit

All of these and more are contained in the book

Huge Reordering Wave

You will see, my love will come in waves, to layer this pearl.


: I feel a huge wave come and sweep me off my feet as a knight lifts a princess and takes her to her dream. Again, I see as the spirit coming with white raiment to clothe me.


” Come on big wave Rapture!!!Speedy resurrection o glory


Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can’t call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today


.. (Thinking of you) All for one, and one for all. My lord,,, she said,, and he said,, “and you mine” let me feel the power of your wave. Oh,, have ( )she and I are lost in ourselves



For the purpose of life is Joy in the spirit and to attain this is to see spirit and not the calamity (storm) around you. And when the storm is over he will plant my feet upon solid ground and I will find myself standing where he has promised by his spirit.


I began to draw pictures of the house that I wanted to dream around my altar in and within two weeks the first hurricane showed up and tore my roof off and the FEMA people came out and gave me maximum, now many other aspects came into play here, for the poetry was how “I made the plans, but spirit makes my steps” and I was on the beach during storms dreaming of my daughters name Raine and of how my life would change like a storm and then within a short period another hurricane and FEMA again helped me. I found that I could build my home, as I wanted it.

Over the years many such occurrences happened, but to write them all would be to fill many volumes. At this point I should say I began to wonder even more. 

That you'd return when the storm was done
And now I'll wait for the light, I'll wait for the sun
Till I feel your
Rain, feel it on my finger tips Hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down like
Rain, wash away my sorrow Take away my pain
Your love's coming down like rain
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say, never go away

very little light because the storm had damaged the house and the lights were not on in the kitchen


Get Ready for the Wild Ride!