West Virginia

Wild and Wonderful Wyoming County

Spence Family

Typical West Virginia House as I remembered

Town of Matheny where Grandmother lived.



Grandmotherís House is not as I remember it but I was able to find it easily

Now my cousin is living there with his wife and son

We visited there for a spell and some things were very much as I remembered inside

Looking down the road from Grandmotherís old house

The town of Matheny is very prominent in my memory as a young boy

Back of the house

The old bridge across the creek sticks prominent in my mind


Then it was time to go up to the family graveyard off of Coon Branch Rd.



Coon Branch Rd. going up to the graveyard

After gong to get the car because Pam only made it half way before quitting we made it to the Spence Graveyard

Here is my foot next to my Grandfather John L. Spence Grave Stone

About John L. Spence

(Coming Soon)



Great Grandfather Jeremiah Jefferson Spence and Grandmother Victoria

Story about Great Grandparents

(Coming Soon)

This shows that Victoria was buried in the 1950ís


After taking pictures folks on RTV vehicles started showing up and found that they were related to me.

Cooks, Browningís, Stewarts, and Spenceís are related

Tim Son of Eugene Son of Zida my Aunt

We then went down to Spence Hollow where the old Spence House used to be. The location is now a pond.

So I wonder what mysteries lurk under the surface

The ATVs use the property a lot.

We came out the back side of other side of Turkey Creek at Marianna

Later we met Ira and he was able to tell me stories about my fatherís family when they lived in Turkey Creek

Spence Family Stories

(Coming Soon)

Ira put me in touch with my Step Grandfather Reuben who was married to Maggie my grandmother. We spent a while talking with him and his wife Janise Walker about old times and some of the stories can be found in Spence Stories.

Here I am with Reuben 86 years old (2007)

Pineville was the town that some of our Cousins lived in and also known for the Hatfield McCoy Trailhead as well as Castle Rock.

The Mist is one part of West Virginia I always loved.

Castle Rock in Pineville

Here is Pam at Castle Rock

Courthouse from Castle Rock

We looked everywhere for the old Pic Pac Store that I used to work in at 15 yrs of age for $1.60 an hour. I lived in an old 1930s trailer by the ballpark across town.

The Rock Crusher is where my Cousin Jerry Bledsoe was to be found.

Just down the road from Grandmotherís old house is a house where my father Lewis lived for a short period.

I put these pics here for him to Identify

Another View of that house


This is another view of the Grandmotherís house

Another View

Yet another

Going back to Pineville there was no room at the Inn other than the Cow Shed