Here are some preliminary pics from the West Virginia Trip

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

As for Pam's family in Ohio
When and Rome do what the Romans do
You know, beer and fireworks and be very alluring!

will have many pics and stories to go along with this soon.
Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes entirely everything and renders all interpretations meaningless.

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Cool, very interesting, beautiful area.

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Hi June

Those are just a few pics but many stories are also coming as that webpage is under construction. A major connection to all that I have communicated in the past is coming there. That is why I did not put it in photos.
Here is a pic off my website of a house on my Grandmother's street.

We have experienced amasing synchs related to the movie October Sky and our trip and I am writing the story now, however I have to catch up on some repairs since we got back so to do all the stories justice I have to do them this weekend. But the synchs with the movie were rockets, aspirations, enthusiasm, greyhound, father/ son relations and many more.

Oh and Orange is Coming feels related to this.

Coalwood (related to the movie) is very close to where my family in West Virginia is.