You and I (Stephen Tree)

After 13 years of Synchronicities my life took on a very big change with "She, (my life) is even now at the door". That was the message of the synchronicities in Jan 1993. My heart was circumcised by loss. After loosing all that was close to me my life began to come to me in many forms, the first was the teaching that there has always only been you and I. Not just my life and I, but an understanding of why it was said by Jesus, you do it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.

Veil of Interpretation

The veil of interpretation is what has separated you and I, we should never have felt shame or blame. Remember the pain in the garden (eden,relationship,other) remember, you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears, like a veil, you have hidden YOURSELF from me. I'm waiting, standing at the door between the two houses, Until the take me back. Why do you hide yourself from me? Remember the covenant we share? Remember,, we created the sunrise to remind us HOW to start new!

Stephen Tree


You and I Written By Paul Steven Spence

The trauma and loneliness of loosing family and children circumcised his heart and shattered his soul. Feeling the pieces revealed a life of romance in spirit that fullfilled all scripture. Each experience over a three year period revealed more and more of what he had longed to understand his whole life. This is the story of You and I. For there is only you and I and when the veil of this flesh is lifted we are one. In the beginning I was called Adam. I was alone, and like a dream you came to me. In my loneliness, in the wilderness, through this broken heart you came, my love. You said: You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall But you were in my heart The vacuum that draws you to me In my loneliness I found her, I found myself, and it was then that I knew that she had always been with me. She was my heart. Ark of the covenant She came back to me my "Dream Box" And it feels like the first time, like the springtime She is more than woman nor man She's heart and I can't help but love her She She is life She is my wife She came out from me in the beginning We were one in the beginning She is dream I am dreamer I have been to heaven and I have seen what it will be It's us living as one eternally Though now you may not see, through the veil separating "the you" and "the me." You see my love, there is only You and I Even if we speak of us and them And though you call yourself conservative and I am called liberal Or you liberal and I conservative Or I the bridegroom and you the bride When the veil of interpretation is lifted or even torn We will be one What power draws the two back together again. It is the heart which is a rose, and the fragrance draws the love you seek. As the altar of incense that stands before the veil between the two houses. The holy place and holy of holies. The fragrance of the heart joins the two together. I want to be your honeybee, won't you be my appletree It's the fragrance of your heart that draws me to you Let the seaswells rise into the air Let the mountains crumble, we don't care I just want to be your honeybee And you can be my appletree I'll be your prince, your wizard, your lion of Judah Anything you want, I can bring it to ya! Without spirit, the bible, the koran, indeed all things are but idols blocking the door between you and I. So soon we will find out if we love our interpretations of the scribbling of scribes greater than we love each other. Just like the stone the builders of religion rejected, once again they have overlooked the weightier law. Believing scripture which came from the blinking word ENGRAVEN IMAGE meaning without spirit, without love and understanding it is an idol. Remember it was scribbled in the book,"I have not come to bring peace but the sword" If you do not know what spirit meant you will not understand the salvation that is in this moment. If you were in my shoes you would understand exactly what I mean by the interpretation that the builders and controllers (God of this world) has demanded we all worship. Looking from the builders perspective it is very effective in convincing especially the fearful that any other interpretation not yet found could not be right. That is why you overcome via spirit. I appreciate your humility and exspect that you too will understand via the days and months ahead as the tables turn and the fire gets hotter. SHE (life) is even now at the door. Modern christian belief also incorporates an image of since they have not seen any real miracles that the words about how spirit (not church, not bible, not writing, they did not have books at the time of christ, not ones that everyone could carry and read) would lead into all truth have been watered down to mean something denying the power, because of unbelief. In fact that is the reason for all of this in order to get to the next step we must overcome this veil. Stephentree part of stephentree poem: Cause no one's wrong and no one's right. You see the baptist (john) was no wind swept reed, his heart was sown from a wild seed. And everywhere that Jesus went remember few could understand what he really meant. But there is coming a time and it is drawing near, when within their hearts all men will peer. No longer will they say the truth is out there (outside of your heart, self) for the word of God has been very near, even in our mouth and in our hearts and you do not need a teacher. (Deut ohh that is in the bible, like the smallest of points they again overlooked, or reinterpreted starting 1700 years ago. Salvation is not in the future, it is real and it is now, not as the builders imply. Even when she falls he makes her right. This is the faith and love that goes beyond law and interpretation. In fact now in faith I loose myself daily in order that she (my life) finds me anew. As the song that they sing in church implies a love that goes beyond interpretation. "And the joys we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known." Spirit is not here now to condemn, no rather to fulfill. You see you may have built a house but it is she that will clean it and make it white. But the builders will not recognise it because prophecy has taken on a new name. They recognise the word prophecy but the same thing spoken in faith from Abraham they cannot see. Is it not Abraham's covenant with God that they seek. I don't think they could bare the trauma of what they seek, nor contain the joy. No rather seek a new covenant in spirit and truth. Believe me you do not want to hang on a cross. The builders will not recognise channeling as prophecy, therefore I thank you father how you have revealed it unto unveiled hearts and hidden it from the proud and selfrightious. In spirit after loosing my life in the past I found that all their is is you and I, and we were put here to fill the emptyness in each other. That is part of the poetry of sex. The veil of interpretations gets thicker and thicker. So only children and people who's speach sounds like the wind, because you don't know where it came from and you don't know where it is leading. We were not put here to argue over scripture, but to wonder after life. They wondered after him. You are wonder----ful my love, understand this and you will create volumes. Stephentree (When you feel you have uncovered the mystery, I swear you have just begun) Ear hath not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man that which is prepared for you my love. Pertaining to telling God what I have said to you about a God creating a hell, that that GOD is damned to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, soon the rocks will be shouting it. You see God will not change, the fire of the light of spirit reveals the stubble from the wheat, being separate is hell, and we are perfectly free to create that. When modern interpretation leads to a hell where one is taken and another left, and somehow being right is not as fulfilling as loving each other, then we will find the truth in all of this. The right people of this age will be made wrong.. and the whole world will thank God for that. Or thank each other, as there is only you and I,, no one would like to believe that it has been you and I from the start, that is what Jesus was saying but none would have it. Don't you think that your heart would have come complete with the blood of billions, slain from the foundation of the earth. Don't you think that a memory of this passion play called life would exist. In my loneliness, in my bewilderness, through my broken heart, (life) she/he/heart came. The right people won't have it, they love the idea of being right more than they love you or I. Without spirit and context to which it was given, the bible, the koran, all things are but Idols blocking the door between you and I. If you are separated from the least of them,, you do not know me. Enjoy the idea of being right, self rightious, for it will perish!!!

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